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7 Lessons Learned From Legally Blonde

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Whenever I watch a film, I like to ask myself what lessons are there to be learned. I happened to catch Legally Blonde on TV the other day, here are some of the lessons I took away.

1. Never allow another person's opinion of you dictate your future
People will always have an opinion of you - either good or bad. The most important thing is for you not to allow other people's opinion of you to shape your future. Just because someone says you don't measure up to certain standards does not mean they are right. And apart from that, even if you lack certain skills you can find a way of learning that skill in order to develop yourself.

2. Don't wait for adversity before you decide you can make it
In the film, it wasn't until the main character was rejected and humiliated that she realised she had potential in the inside of her. She was almost accepting her lot in life before someone spoke a word of encouragement and she came to the understanding that she could do much better.

3. Inside of us is that seed of greatness waiting to be germinated
We all have seeds of greatness within us. It is left to us to activate that seed and allow it to germinate. The main character went to Harvard and won an internship at a top law firm. By studying hard like others she also was able to pass with flying colors. Initially, she never knew or thought she could accomplish this.

4. Sometimes appearances can be deceptive
I deliberately removed the word "first" here. One of the people who looked down on the main character and thought she would amount to nothing later became her very good friend. On the other hand, one of the professors had ulterior motives for liking her. She had thought it was because of her academic abilities alone, but it turned out the professor had a different agenda.

5. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you, not put you down
It is not worth hanging out with people who constantly put you down and don't have anything positive to say about you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with friends pointing out areas where you need to improve, but when it appears you can't do anything right by them, then it may be time for you to find a different set of friends.

6. Help sometimes comes in the most unexpected places
The main character enjoyed having her nails done and in the course of discussing what her ex boyfriend did, the lady who attended to her offered her some valuable words of advice. In the same vein, main character also turned out to be the "help" needed by a client who was accused of murdering her husband.

7. It does not pay to look down on people
Even though she was "just" an intern at the law firm she was working at, she was the person the client confided in and eventually hired to represent her. Almost everyone including the prosecution had looked down at her ability to represent the client, but they soon discovered they had made a mistake because she won the case.

Can you identify with any of the lessons listed above?

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