Monday, 4 April 2011

When Baby Steps Are Neccessary

I'm talking about taking baby steps today. Baby steps in building a business is important in order for the potential business to grow. You learn more this way because you are not overwhelmed with too much information.

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Taking each blueprint that pertains to the success of your business and applying it into your life could make a huge difference. This could be done in chunks rather than at one sitting.

Taking baby steps however should not be construed as a ticket to procratination or wasting time. Some people hide behind the fact that it is considered a waste of time and therefore would neither build their business or take action in chunks or gather all the information in one sitting.

Whilst I accept that baby steps are important, I also know that each and everyone has their own learning skills and abilities and if they decide not to learn in chunks but at one sitting, that's fine as they have already established a pattern that walks for them.

I got some inspiration from this 1.13 min video from Fran at

Please do let me know what you think about taking baby steps. Thank you.


  1. For me taking baby steps is better. I dislike learning quickly but daily therefore making sure I know what I'm talking about and able to do for others.

  2. Hi Leona, thanks for stopping by. Daily learning also works for me.

  3. Tackling any new or difficult task involves taking 'baby steps'. You stay in control, you don't get overwhelmed and most importantly, you don't set yourself uo for failure.
    What's the rush? Slowly is best...
    Thanks for this today, Kifayat.

  4. Thanks Linda, I like what you said "what's the rush"? Yes indeed.

  5. I like what you shared about taking baby steps. In our rush to get results we sometimes forget that achieving is a process that begins with a single step!

  6. Thanks for your comment Linda - yes achievement is a gradual process.