Friday, 1 April 2011

The Challenge Starts Today

I have kind of taken note of some of the things that interest me and that I will be writing about this month and they include the following:-

Social Media
Community Spirit

I'm not so sure whether all the topics listed above are ideal for the one blog, but we'll see.

There are loads of things under blogging that could represent a topic. For example, after learning how to do a task, I could blog about it. I do not know a lot about posting images on blogs. This could represent a topic for one of my posts, so there you go, I have one blog post in the pipeline already!

Productivity is important to me because I need to know how to manage my time effectively in order to spend it wisely to produce good quality work. Eliminating all forms of distractions is equally important and could also form a topic(s) for one of my blog posts.

The effective use of social media in promoting one's blog and business could also be a blog post. Find out the aspects of social media to use. What works for my blog may not necessarily work for the other person's blog. Find out what works for me and stick with it.

I've recently started using Squidoo, so I may post about my experience there.

Community Spirit with other bloggers and how it helps to be in a community. I have some experience of that with squidoo and could also incorporate that.

I'm not too sure about talking about motherhood and parenting in this blog so I would need to check.

I'm determined not to let procrastination get the better part of me. Even as I'm writing this, I'm thinking should I have said that? What if I do procrastinate; then what would people who read the blog think? Well there might be lapses here and there but the most important thing is getting oneself up and continuing - not stopping.

As with anything in life, the topics might change and I might find myself blogging about topics completely different to what I first thought I would write. That's okay as long as I am writing about something tangible and valuable.

The good thing about the challenge is that one is surrounded by a community of other bloggers of different experience levels who will be able to help along the way. So it's not as if I'll be on my own.

I do look forward to the next 30 days and hope to look back as others have done and say it was well worth it.

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  1. Procrastination, especially when it comes to blogging, is my biggest hurdle. I think you have done an excellent job sitting down and planning things to blog about this month. That is something I need to do myself!

  2. Kick procrastination out the door and remove it from your vocabulary. You can accomplish anything you set your mind too. I look forward to reading about your journey to discovering new and wonderful things.

  3. @Carrie: Thanks for visiting. I thought if I wrote my goals for the challenge down it would be much simpler and easier for me to follow. It would also be a way of beating procrastination.

    @Natasha: Thank's for your encouragement! I can do this.

  4. Check out . You too can join, eventually. When you get around to it. One day. Soon. It's on my todo list, if I wrote one.

  5. Hi Kifayat, it's great you already have some ideas of what you are going to blog about for the next 30 days. For me, managing my time is very important and it also helps me from procrastinating. You are right on about lapses - they do happen but the important thing is that you get up and get going again. Good luck and let's connect!

  6. Hey Diana, thanks for stopping by & your kind words. I have anticipated that there will be lapses - what with a full time job and a family, but I know that with the support network within the challenge community, I will make it.

  7. This is great, I love the positive energy and I too have to stay organized even more so to allow not only time to blog each day, but to have time to read others and support their efforts. I am so excited about learning more about everyone. Each person is so inspirational so far...Thank you!

  8. Thanks Danasma, I hope we will all be able to keep the momentum up.